Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Údarás na Gaeltachta Business Continuity

Supporting your business through COVID-19 and beyond
Business Continuity

Projects can fall into one or more of these categories;

  • Review business strategy in light of changing marketplace/supply-chains & customer needs;
  • Introduce new business practices in order to increase productivity (especially LEAN/Flow), achieve production savings;
  • Develop processes for risk assessment and analysis for Business Continuity;
  • Develop working practices for staff safety and wellbeing based on government guidelines;
  • Develop a strategy for and/or investigate the feasibility of doing business online;
  • Crisis response where appropriate – implement systems and tools to deal with C19;
  • Develop working practices for staff safety and wellbeing based on government guidelines;
  • Planning for a resilience post-crisis;
  • Understand what grant funding is currently available;
  • Discover ways to improve efficiency for remote or on-site workers using automation tools and systems.
Covid 19 Business Financial Planning Grant
  • Understand your immediate liquidity issues – determine how to minimise costs and maximise sources of liquidity;
  • Create a financial plan to secure the external finance they require – funding from SBCI/Bank, EI Investment and/or capital from other finance providers will be required to fund companies through the coming months;
  • Have a framework to manage the finances of the business – a coherent and well-structured plan will facilitate the monitoring and management of the financial position of the company.
Sustaining Enterprise Fund
  • Funding of up to €800,000 available;
  • Funding will be in the form of repayable advances;
  • Funding to be repaid subject to the project objectives being achieved;
  • An annual administration fee of 4%.

The advance payment to be repaid as follows:

  • 3-year grace period;
  • Repayment by the end of year 5, on successful achievement of the project objective.

We an approved Enterprise Ireland / IDA Management Consultancy to Support Companies through COVID-19

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